Official ACA Tournament Corn hole Bags



6-in Synergy Pro Official ACA Tournament Badge Professional Regulation Cornhole Bags


Forget hopelessly praying for that last-minute hail mary to win the game. Start dominating from the blow of the whistle.

Introducing Synergy. A refined balance of speed and control. These dual-sided pro cornhole bags give everyday cornhole players a competitive edge so you can start tossing like the pros.

From the team that brought the original and official rules to the game of cornhole, ACA Synergy professional cornhole bags are made of a premium microsuede material on one side which allows the bag to stick to the surface for extra grip while the opposite side of the bag is made of a carefully selected turbo fabric for easy sliding.

Double reinforced stitching ensures long-lasting durability while the all-weather resin pellet filling holds up against harsh playing conditions.

Start throwing Synergy pro cornhole bags ACA Tournament Pro Series and experience what it’s like to be the boss of the toss.


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